As you know, Wali is our mascot. But you don´t know what happened him last summer...

One day, on August, he went to a wood near his house. He was walking and looking to the birds, the small animals and the insects.
Suddenly, a group of twenty butterflies or more began to fly round Wali. They were wonderful.
One minute later, they went. Wali followed them.

Later, Wali met with a firefly. Wali asked it:
- Have you seen any butterflies here?
- I haven't seen any seen any butterflies here. But in the fifth tree live twenty-eight butterflies.

Wali came into the fourth tree.There, he found an squirrel family. He asked:
- Do twenty-eight butterflies live here?
- No, they don't. They live in the next tree.
Then, Wali went to the fifth tree.

While Walli was walking to the next tree.
He crashed into a small, young and funny turttle.
Wali said:
-Sorry, I'm in hurry!
I'm looking for the fith tree.
and the small, young and funny turttle anwered:
-Hey body. You are so lucky!!!,
You are the fist one I have seen for long time.
I have a great gift in my little bag and
It could be yours.
It could help you in your trip.

Continúa la historia.
Contemos un cuento entre todos.
Lee el título y lo que haya escrito y después piensa en cómo te gustaría que continuasen las aventuras de Wali. No tienes que terminarla tú, sólo escribe lo que se te ocurra y otros compañeros harán lo mismo.
A ver qué ocurre. ¿En qué aventuras vamos a meter a Wali? Ya veremos al final.
Seguro que será divertido.