Oxford Street
Oxford Street is a famous and important street in London. In Oxford street there are lots of very big and fabulous shops with big shop windows. Oxford Street is longer than Regent street. It´s in the city centre. A lot of tourists want to visit Oxford street to buy in its luxurious shops. There are shops of different types: sports, shoes, elegant clothes, jewels, etc...
Andrea and Elena, 6º B
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace is big. It's in the centre of London. Buckingham Palace is bigger than National Gallery. In winter turists can visit it. It's a good place to visit in London. Queen of England, Elizabeth II, lives in this palace.
Emilio 6ºB.
River Thames
River Thames is in London. The Thames is longer than a bridge. In this river you can go kayaking, fishing, sailing and more. The river is very nice, lovely and precious.
Inma 6ºB
London Eye
The London Eye is big and very bright at night. The London Eye is one hundred and thirty five metres tall. It's taller than Big Ben. It is a very popular big wheel. Tourists want to go up in the big wheel. The London Eye is next to River Thames. You can see all the city from the London Eye because it is very tall.
Ana 6ºB
Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square is bigger than Leicester Square. Trafalgar Square is a famous square in London. It's part of the history of London. This square in very visited, it received a lot of tourists every year.
Gary Valerio 6ºB
London is a very beautiful city and at night is very beautiful. It's got a wonderful landscape. You can see the Houses of Parliament next to the River Thames, the Houses of Parliament, Buckinghan Palace, London Eye and famous streets. Big Ben is a very popular clock next to the river. There is a long bridge on the river. Many tourists want to see London at night.
Maria and Lola 6ºA, Rocío and Miriam 6ºB
Big Ben
Big Ben is in London. It is a very famous clock. It's very tall and big, and it's very visited. It's very beautifull, but it's shorter than London Eye.

Carlos, 6º A