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I live in a city in the south-west of Andalusia (Spain), near Huelva (30 Km.). It has got 4000 inhabitants.
Niebla has had lots of names during its history: Ilipula, Ilipla, Elepla, Lebla o Libla y Niebla.
Niebla is the city of the gunpowder. There are lots of beautiful places in my town. It has got white houses, palm trees and lemon trees.

There's an old castle in Niebla. Its name is "Guzman Castle".

There's an old church, called "Nuestra Señora de la Granada", in Santa Maria Square. Next to the church there is an old hospital that now is the Culture House. In San Martin Square there is another church, "Señor de la Columna", very old and with a leyend about it. The patron of Niebla is "Nuestra Señora del Pino".

There is an important river in Niebla called Tinto.

There's an old wall round the city. This wall has got five doors: "Agua, Socorro, Buey, Sevilla and Agujero".
The Palmeron necropolis is a tartesic tomb.

Many people visit Niebla. Tourists visit its pretty wall.
In Niebla there is a police station.There are restaurants and shops. There is a Sports Centre.

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