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Guzman Castle is beside a beautiful city called Niebla, in the south of Huelva.

Many tourist visit the castle every day.

The castle is next to the "Tinto River". It's constructed with mud and stones. It has got ten towers. One of them is the "Homage Tower", which is the second tallest in Andalusia.
It's more than one thousand years old. It's got five important gates.

There are big dungeons. In the dungeons you can see some old "Tortury Machines". There are also a fosse where they threw people to be devored by the lions. In the armery there are many weapon.

There are beautiful gardens round the castle and inside it. There is a big weapon courtyard and stables for the horses.

In the castle there aren't ghosts.

Guzman Castle
Castillo de los Guzmanes
Castillo de Niebla